Announcing Digital Twin's Genesis NFT Drop 💎

GM👋, and welcome to Digital Twin. We help you get a little smarter about NFTs every week.

GM👋, and welcome to Digital Twin. We help you get a little smarter about NFTs every week.

This Week's Highlight: 

🚨Our Announcement Day is Finally Here!

On March 10th, we will be auctioning a first of its kind asset-backed pair of Earrings in collaboration with L'Dezen by Payal Shah - an internationally recognized fine jewelry brand.

Digital Twin, a fine jewelry marketplace built on Ethereum, is launching its Genesis NFT drop – a one-of-its-kind pair of ‘Limitless’ Earrings that exist in both digital and physical worlds. L’Dezen, founded by Payal Shah, is a prominent international fine jewelry brand at the forefront of integrating blockchain technologies into their business model. These L’Dezen exclusive 18K gold Very Peri enamel diamond earrings will be auctioned off in collaboration with Digital Twin.

Why are we bringing fine jewelry on-chain? 

💎Fine jewelry in itself is a highly collectible form of art, and the authentication and trade-     ability of NFTs resolves the traditional pain points for collectors.💎The utility for brands to earn in perpetuity through royalties on secondary sales completely revolutionizes the way artists are compensated for their work.💎Since the NFT is also asset-backed, a collector can simply redeem their NFT on our site and we will ship them the physical ‘Limitless’ earrings to wear in real life.

Get to know Payal Shah - Founder of L'Dezen 

  • Combining her knowledge of architectural design with the teachings she acquired under her entrepreneur parents, Shah launched L’Dezen Jewelery in 2011 at the age of 21 years old with the vision of becoming a global brand 

  • Her passion for the fine jewelry industry was ignited as a young apprentice under her mother and father who worked in the luxury market as diamond consultants

  • Her pieces, which draw inspiration from her personal life, are a reflection of her travels and experiences with family and friends

What utility does the 'Limitless Earring' offer? 

  • The winner of our auction will have immediate access to the NFT via their wallet, which they can instantly trade on the secondary market.

  • Accessorize any of your profile pic (PFP) NFTs that you collect. For example, if you own a World of Women, Boss Beauties, or even a BAYC - simply show proof of ownership through your digital wallet, and our graphic designers at Digital Twin will provide a rendering of your PFP with the ‘Limitless’ earrings. 

  • Here's an example of Payal's World of Women accessorized in her very own pair of 'Limitless' earrings

  • Redeem the digital NFT for the physical pair of 'Limitless' earrings to wear IRL!

What else should I know about this drop? 

  • The founders of Digital Twin and L’Dezen have been collectors and avid supporters of women-led NFT projects

  • The goal of this drop is to celebrate women entering the NFT space. Today, only 16% of NFTs in the market trace back to female artists

  • In honor of Women's History Month, 10% of auction proceeds will be donated to The Global Fund for Widows, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering widows and female heads of households to overcome poverty

  • The winning bidder of our action will also be rewarded gas fees through our partnership with Glow Labs

Where do I access the auction?

  • The auction will occur on the Digital Twin website on March 10th, 2022. The auction will begin at 6pm EST and run for 24-hours to support all time-zones.

  • In order to place a bid, our site will prompt you to connect your web3 wallet. If you do not have a wallet please view the resources below to get started and stay tuned.

  • Once you submit a bid amount, your Ethereum wallet will pop up in your sidebar and ask you to confirm the transaction details including the gas fee.

  • Once you approve the transaction in you wallet, your bid data is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. When the transaction is confirmed you will see your bid automatically update on our live auction site within a few seconds.


  • 💰If you need to get started with your first crypto purchase, you can use this link to create a Coinbase account. Then follow this simple guide to buy Ethereum - the cryptocurrency we are using to run the Digital Twin auction.

  • 🔐If you do not currently have a crypto wallet check out this resource to get started on setting up a MetaMask wallet

  • 💨You might be wondering what gas fees are - here's an article that breaks down what this means.

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