Digital Twin Hosts First-of-its-Kind Fine Jewelry Trunk Show at Wynwood Studio

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In This Week's Roundup:

  • 💎 A recap of Digital Twin's Fine-Jewelry Trunk Show Event at Wynwood Studio

  • 💎 How can you buy exclusive Fine-Jewelry pieces as your first NFT?

  • 💎A tutorial on how to set up your own Digital Wallet

Digital Twin - Trunk Show Recap:

This past week, we had the pleasure of hosting the first of its kind Digital & Physical Fine-Jewelry Trunk Show in Miami, FL. Featuring some of the most notable jewelry designers around the world - from Miami to Hong Kong, and Ukraine. Each designer—Sazingg, L’Dezen and POCHE—showcased their NFT collections and brought their physical fine-jewelry designs onto the blockchain. A portion of proceeds from each jeweler's collection will be donated to the Ukraine Emergency Response Fund, to support humanitarian relief efforts.

At the event, you could purchase a physical piece of fine-jewelry that is tied to it's digital counterpart - an NFT. This NFT serves as a digital certificate of your fine jewelry piece. Customers at the event could purchase the NFT and immediately claim their physical piece. For those who could not attend in person, these pieces are still available exclusively on Digital Twin's website through June 12th.

NFTs can serve as investments in secondary markets, as gifts for loved ones, and as a way of signaling your identity in the digital world. The best part is that NFTs continue to highlight provenance of your jewelry piece on the blockchain.

Guests enjoyed an all immersive digital and physical experience. Jewels from each brand were displayed in 3D, while enjoying cocktails and a fun new way to shop and interact.

How can you buy exclusive Fine-Jewelry pieces as your first NFT?

  • If you do not have a digital wallet, the easiest way to purchase a fine-jewelry piece tied to an NFT is to browse the collection online and connect with our Digital Twin Concierge Service once you've found a piece you would like to purchase.

  • Next, submit your request to the Digital Twin Concierge Service. Our team will set up a complimentary 1-1 session with you to create your Digital Wallet and process payment via credit card. At the end of this complimentary session, you will have a physical piece of fine jewelry, a digital wallet, and your first NFT!

Below are some of our best-selling pieces - shop now before these exclusives run out!

When shopping at the Trunk Show event and online, customers can connect with Digital Twin Concierge which offers a hassle free way to buy NFTs. Simply pay with credit card and we will guide you through the entire process. You will leave with a physical piece of fine-jewelry, the associated NFT, and a digital wallet that you can continue to use!

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