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Welcome to Digital Twin. We help you get a little smarter about web3 every week.

Welcome to Digital Twin, we help you get a little smarter about web3 and its impact on the future of fashion, wellness, and culture.

Web3 Weekly Roundup in Fashion, Wellness & Culture:

  • 👛What the Metabirkins verdict means for the future of Web3 Fashion

  • 🤝 Luxury NFT Collaboration between Takashi Murakami x Hublot

  • 📰 GQ Magazine to Launch Its First NFT Collection

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👛 On February 8th, a New York jury sided with Hermès in its trademark infringement trial against artist Mason Rothschild over his “Metabirkin” NFTs

What Happened:

  • 👉Hermès sued Rothschild in January 2022 after the Los Angeles-based artist launched MetaBirkins, an NFT line based on the brand’s iconic Birkin purse. The fashion giant stated in the complaint that Rothschild was “stealing the goodwill in Hermès’ famed intellectual property to construct and sell his own range of items,” which could lead to customer confusion.

  • 👉Rothschild claimed throughout the trial that his NFTs were works of art protected by the First Amendment. The MetaBirkin project, according to his lawyer, was an “artistic experiment” investigating how society values status symbols.

  • 👉The Hermes vs. Rothschild NFT case is the first-ever trial examining NFTs as intellectual properties

The Verdict:

  • The jury ruled, that NFTs are more closely connected to consumer goods that are protected by severe trademark regulations that discourage imitators from profiting from popular brands. Rothschild was held liable for trademark infringement & dilution. The verdict was unexpected and has implications for fashion and Web3 industries, as it confirms digital art, fashion and NFTs carry legal weight.

Up Next, Top News Digital Twin is Following:

1. 🤝 Luxury NFT Collaboration between Takashi Murakami x Hublot

Japanese artist Takashi Murakami has teamed up with Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot to release a new collection of real-world watches linked to non-fungible tokens

Here's what you need to know:

•👉Contemporary artist Takashi Murakami and timepiece maker Hublot have released their fourth collaborative project, a 13-piece collection of unique NFTs alongside physical watch counterparts.

• 👉Unveiled at a private event in New York on February 2nd, the Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami Black Ceramic Rainbow watch features Murakami’s famed smiling flower motif created from gemstones including rubies, sapphires, amethysts, tsavorites and topaz.

• 👉The remaining 12 watches and NFTs will be debuted during Watches & Wonders Geneva 2023 exhibition in late March.

• 👉This collaboration taps into the lucrative market of timepiece enthusiasts by offering exclusive benefits to holders. For this specific collaboration only the holders of the 324 previously issued NFTs can purchase one of Hublot x Murakamis' new classic fusion models.

Why is this important?

The campaign marks the fourth artistic venture for the duo, as they continue to delve deeper into the NFT world and its potential. Delivering a unique story through the collaboration and making sure that extreme value is created are key for successful brand partnerships. We are excited to follow along as the remaining 12 watches are debuted at the Watches & Wonders Geneva 2023 exhibition in late March.

2. 📰 GQ Magazine to Launch Its First NFT Collection

Holders of the inaugural GQ3 collection will have access to a magazine subscription, merchandise and live events.

Here's what you need to know:

•👉GQ Magazine is launching its first non-fungible token (NFT) collection, titled “GQ3 Issue 001: Change Is Good”.

• 👉The collection consists of 1,661 NFTs linked to one-of-a-kind art pieces created by four artists – Chuck Anderson, REO, Kelsey Niziolek and Serwah Attafuah.

• 👉Each token grants holders access to a GQ magazine subscription as well as exclusive merchandise and tickets to the inaugural GQ3 party in April.

• 👉Holders will also have priority access for future releases and be part of a special Discord channel.

• 👉Over 100 unique traits were algorithmically combined by each artist before being hand curated into the final series available for purchase at 0.1957 ETH (around $330).

Why is this important?

By converting subscriptions into NFTs, publications can create an entirely new form of digital assets that are owned by users, providing them with a more engaging experience while also offering additional incentives to subscribe. Rather than media co's simply providing content in exchange for a single one-time payment, they can use NFTs as a platform for ongoing interactions with their customers. This opens up a wide range of potential monetization opportunities beyond simply relying on ad revenue or subscription fees.

Here's a great tweet by co-founder of NFT Now, who explains why tokenized media is the future:

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