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🌟 Digital Twin Studios Weekly Web3 Highlight: Top Stories at the Intersection of Fashion, Wellness, & Culture

Welcome to Digital Twin. We help you get a little smarter about web3 every week.

Welcome to Digital Twin, we help you get a little smarter about web3 and its impact on the future of fashion, wellness, and culture.

First Week of February Round Up:

  • ❄️Alo Yoga Debuts Digital Twins associated with their luxury Aspen Collection

  • 📰 Current Web3 News our Studio is Following: YSL Beauty, Louis Vuitton, & more

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❄️Alo Yoga Debuts Digital Twins associated with their luxury Aspen Collection

On Feb 1st, we announced the official release of digital certificates tied to Alo Yoga's Aspen Collection. All eligible customers who purchased from Alo's collection have the opportunity to claim their digital certificates during the month of February. These certificates serve as a form of digital authentication to their physical purchase while also offering additional experiences for the customer. You can visit our claim page and read more about our strategy below.

Here's what you need to know:

  1. These digital certificates are NFTs built using MoonPay infrastructure. As a studio, we believe in partnering with infrastructure players that make onboarding customers into web3 seamless. We were able to integrate HyperMint smart contracts and MoonPay wallets seamlessly for Alo customers. Our token-gated claim page can be found here - available to claim for all qualifying customers throughout the month of February.

  2. At Digital Twin Studios we believe that brands who are innovating physical products with digital counterparts will set themselves up for successful growth in 2023 and beyond. Digital Twins on the blockchain can offer product authenticity, stronger circularity with resale programs, and additional experiential value to end customers.

Check out our full Blog Post on how Digital Twins will improve the relationship between brand and consumer below.

Up Next, Top News Digital Twin is Following:

1. Yves Saint Laurent Beauty ties Web3 to online shopping experience

On Jan. 30 YSL Beauty launched a two-part Web3 campaign in collaboration with Wunderman Thompson France and tech partner Arianee, to celebrate the launch of Black Opium le Parfum.

Here's what you need to know:

  1. Part One of The Web3 campaign is tied directly to their e-comm sales made on YSL Beauty. If you purchase a Black Opium Parfum starting Jan 30th via the YSL Beauty website - you will receive an email to download the YSL beauty wallet and claim your NFT (while supplies last). This NFT will open access to either a gift voucher, exclusive content or the private sale of a second Web3 activation.

  2. In Part Two of the campaign, YSL Beauty is demonstrating how NFTs can be tied to and supplement online shopping experiences. In a purpose-driven element, all revenue generated by a release of 300 NFT sales will be donated to partner charities of the Abuse is Not Love program that fights against intimate partner violence.

  3. If you want to learn more you can checkout their web3 website here

Why is this important?

This latest release within the ‘YSL Beauty Blocks’ collection enables YSL to welcome a new audience into web3 and to test the potential of NFTs when integrated into an online shopping experience.

2. Is Louis Vuitton Getting into NFTs...Not Yet.

No...however, rumors have been swirling that Louis Vuitton's 200th celebration campaign with Yayoi Kusma involved the release of NFTs. Hadrien Huet, Head of Online Brand protection at Louis Vuitton, told The Crypto Times that “Louis Vuitton will not be launching any NFT collection within the context of its collaboration with Mrs. Yayoi Kusama."

While the news has everyone speculating, it's clear that Luxury players are taking serious steps towards creating in the web3 space.

Louis Vuitton has filed 4 trademark applications indicating plans for

  • 👉NFTs, virtual goods, digital collectibles

  • 👉NFT, virtual good, digital collectible marketplaces

  • 👉Financial services related to NFTs, virtual goods +digital collectibles

While the campaign did not involve NFTs, the collaboration with world-renowned artist Yayoi Kusama and Louis Vuitton has turned its attention to tapping the current zeitgeist of immersive, digitized experiences. The SNAP AR filter was used to transform some of the most recognizable landmarks in Europe — such as the Eiffel Tower and London's iconic Tower Bridge - into dazzling works of art through augmented reality.

This innovative collaboration invites us to consider how more immersive digital experiences could play out on a global scale by utilizing cutting edge technology that is becoming increasingly accessible for consumers around the world. With many consumers still weary when it comes to the concept of the “metaverse,” we believe AR is set to become the most popular stepping stone into Web3 for luxury consumers.

3. Alo Yoga continues to make waves in the digital space, preceding their debut of NFTs, the company released a virtual reality shopping experience

  • 🧘‍♀️The virtual store will enable visitors to browse, learn about and shop Alo’s collections

  • 🧘‍♀️Interact with a variety of content, and build custom outfits to visualize how different combinations

  • 🧘‍♀️The virtual store also features select workout videos from the Alo Moves fitness platform that are typically accessible only to paid subscribers

Our studio supports the integration of 3D wearables into virtual store environments. We believe that interoperable 3D assets are critical for brands that want to explore various digital environments. Connect with us at the bottom of this newsletter if you're interested in learning more about these types of digital storefronts.

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