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  • March 2022 Round Up - Our Genesis Drop 💎, NFT Projects We've been Following this March 🗓️, & What's Next for Digital Twin 👀

March 2022 Round Up - Our Genesis Drop 💎, NFT Projects We've been Following this March 🗓️, & What's Next for Digital Twin 👀

GM👋, and welcome to Digital Twin. We help you get a little smarter about NFTs every week.

In This Month's Roundup: 

  • 💎A recap of our genesis NFT Drop with jewelry brand L'Dezen

  • 🗓️NFT Projects We've Been Following this March

  • 👀What's next for Digital Twin

On March 10th - we held our Genesis NFT Drop with L'Dezen by Payal Shah - an internationally recognized fine jewelry brand. 

Here's a recap: 

  • 💎We auctioned off a 1/1 pair of 'Limitless Earrings' on Digital Twin

  • 💎The winning bid was 3.27 ETH and the lucky winner had the ability to claim their Limitless NFT for the physical earrings 

  • 💎The physical earrings were redeemed on the Digital twin website and the bidder received a digital only NFT that serves as a certificate of authenticity

  • 💎10% of auction proceeds were donated to Global Fund for Widows in support of Women's History Month

Our Genesis Drop provides both physical and digital utility accessible on the Digital Twin Redeem Page. Watch the video below if you're curious to learn more about our redemption process and the digital and physical value of the Limitless Earrings 👇

The Digital Twin team is beyond excited with the success of our first launch - we can't wait to bring more jewelers onto the blockchain 💎💎💎

Next up lets review the NFT Projects We've Been Following this March 🗓️

Highlight #1: The Metaverse Fashion Week took place last Thursday.  

  • The Metaverse Fashion Week featured more than 50 luxury brands selling both digital and physical items via NFTs.

    • Tommy Hilfiger hosted a virtual store where attendees could design avatars to shop limited-edition products from the spring 2022 line. Shoppers browsed 3D images representing the brand’s merchandise, such as a hoodie with the Hilfiger logo that quickly sold out. Tommy Hilfiger partnered with Boson Protocol - a universal commerce settlement layer for Web3 that enables brands to sell physical products as redeemable NFTs within the Boson Portal

    • Etro - an Italian fashion house previewed a real-world collection for their first fashion show in the Metaverse. In partnership with UNXD, Etro also set up a pop-up boutique in the UNXD Luxury District full of other designer brand names.

    • Estée Lauder launched a store in the metaverse to give out 10,000 NFTs inspired by the brand’s best-selling face serum. Individuals who snagged one of the NFTs could use it to give their avatar a sparkly, golden glow representing the serum's effects.

Takeaway #1: Fashion NFTs are clearly a big trend as more and more mainstream designers debut NFT collections in the Metaverse this year.  The best way to get people into a space they are unfamiliar with is to use something that they are familiar with. Transitioning a fashion show into the digital realm was a great starting place for brands looking to jump into the Metaverse. 

Highlight #2: World of Women officially minted their second collection WoW Galaxy. At Digital Twin, we are strong supporters of World of Women as they envision creating a brand that is united around advancing and celebrating representation, inclusivity and equal opportunities for all.

WoW Galaxy is WoW’s second collection, taking WoW to the next level and welcoming thousands of people to their supportive, uplifting community.

  • As holders of WoW #3259 we had the opportunity to claim a free WoW Galaxy - which grants us access to the community DAO and IRL Gala Events. 

  • The WoW Galaxy collection quickly sold out. At the time of writing this, their second collection has done $68M of trading volume and sits at a floor price of 1.29 ETH ($4,319 usd)

Here's the reveal of our WoW Galaxy:

Takeaway #2: Community is the foundation of World of Women and a key driver of its success. Web3 and NFTs enable a new kind of community and ownership. As holders of World of Women collections, you can not only support an amazing brand, but also have a say in directing the future of the community. By creating a direct relationship between the creators and the community, web3 communities are born and grown faster. We are long term holders of WoW and can't wait for whats to come within this amazing community. 

What's next for Digital Twin? 

  • 💎Our Genesis Drop is complete and we are just getting started! We are excited to continue to support fine-jewelry brands that are looking to create unique experiences that blend the physical with the digital.

Thanks so much for reading! We want to continue to make this newsletter a resource as you navigate the world of NFTs and Web3. If you've made it this far, we appreciate you! If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please share it by DM'ing us on twitter. And refer your frens with this link 🙏