🇫🇷 NFTs in Paris, 👯‍♂️ Digital Twin's Phygital Series, & More

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In This Week's Roundup: 

  • 🇫🇷 A recap of Paris Web3 Night

  • 👯‍♂️ Digital Twin Kicks Off Weekly "Phygital" Series on Twitter

  • 💎Other Digital Twin Announcements

This past week, we had the chance to attend Paris Web3 Night and hear from some amazing guests. Our favorite segment discussed Brands in Web 3 where we got to hear from luxury players Panerai, Moncler & Printemps. 

Here's a recap from each luxury brand:

  • 💎Panerai, a luxury Italian-Swiss watch brand, ventured into the NFT world and discussed their Genesis NFT collection of the Radiomir Eilean Experience Edition timepiece

    • Available in only 50 pieces, each accompanied with a one-of-kind NFT art

    • Along with the NFT art, which will be uniquely time-stamped, the digital asset also unlocks exclusive content—for instance, exclusive services, events and offerings as well as priority access to future Web3 initiatives.

    • Eva Assayag, Head of Brand Initiatives at Panerai, discussed how the brand was able to build their first Digital Twin for this special edition watch and will continue to explore the use of NFT technology in their business

  • 💎Moncler, Italian luxury brand, has been actively advancing their digital strategy. Boris LaCroix, VP of Digital Operations, represented the brand during Paris Web 3 night and explained how Moncler continues to explore the opportunities in the NFT space.

    • In November 2021, Moncler partnered with Fortnite on In-Game Outfits and accessories. Fashion is an important cultural element that needs to be part of the player experience. Moncler's roots in culture support player fantasy, agency, and self-expression in a social environment.

    • Moncler has also ventured into the space of physical collectibles. In January 2022, they became the first luxury brand to partner with POP MART, the leading art toy brand in China by market share. The collaboration was limited to 2,000 collectibles worldwide, creating much hype among Chinese art toy enthusiasts.

  • 💎Printemps, a luxury french department store, partnered with meta fashion retailer DRESSX to bring digital fashion into a physical space on the department store floors.

    • Morgan Lopes, Digital Marketing Director of Printemps, explained the company's desire to create their own "metaverse" within their physical retail store. Printemps designed a virtual fashion pop-up entrusted to DressX located at the entrance to Printemps Femme. The collaboration featured five digital fashion outfits created in the department store's signature colors.

    • Printemps is also opening a virtual store on its website where the clients are able to wander around, and is creating its first NFTs in collaboration with the artist Romain Froquet.

Our Biggest Takeaway From the Event:

Next up lets recap our First "Phygital" Twitter Space Series that took place last week:

  • Charlotte Shaw, Chief Marketing Officer of BlockBar, joined us along with Nicole Yap, founder of 8SIAN, to discuss all things Phygital.

  • BlockBar is a platform that offers NFTs directly from luxury liquor brands. Each NFT corresponds to a physical bottle and consumers have the ability to exchange the digital version for the physical version.

    • Twitter Space Highlight #1: During our Phygital series, we discussed BlockBar's drop featuring Royal Salute x Richard Quinn. Royal Salute, an official partner of London Fashion Week, supported Richard Quinn’s fashion show and unveiled the spectacular new 21-Year-Old Richard Quinn Edition, a unique whisky featuring the colorful bottle designs of Richard Quinn. BlockBar released Richard Quinn’s first-ever NFT whisky collaboration with Royal Salute. One bottle from this exclusive 200 piece collection was sold on the BlockBar marketplace. This was an incredible collaboration that blended the luxury fashion and alcohol categories.

  • 8Sian is a global, inclusive community that brings together members who share admiration for Asian cultures. The team is focused on educating their community and build a lasting presence in the NFT space.

    • Twitter Space Highlight #2: Nicole discussed 8SIAN's recent debut in Decentraland's Metaverse Fashion Week which was held in late March. 8SIAN joined the likes of Dolce&Gabbana & Tommy Hilfiger to feature phygital assets in partnership with Boson Protocol. Boson Protocol is a metaverse marketplace for buying luxury and exclusive physical products as NFTs located in Decentraland. With this collaboration, 8SIAN was able to sell digital assets backed by physical products during the virtual Fashion show.

      • As brands enter the digital realm of the Metaverse, there are still ways to maintain physical interaction with consumers. 8SIAN was able to collaborate with Khoo Hoi - a Malaysian fashion designer to offer physical and digital wearables.

Other Digital Twin Announcements:  

  • 💎 Digital Twin was featured in Forbes - Discussing How Brands are Revolutionizing Consumer Engagement with NFTs

  • 💎 We had our Second Phygital Series this Tuesday featuring Desiree Ansari - Director of Brands for Eva Longoria, Caren - Marketing Lead for the PJPP NFT Project, & Sierra - Community Curator at the HUG (stay tuned for next weeks newsletter feat. the recap or play the recording below)

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